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Water white, low iron, ultra clear glass transmits 98% of light, and is anti-glare and anti-reflective coated. This glass is becoming very important to the movie theater industry, as the industry turns to digital equipment. Used as a theater glass, our water white glass outperforms other ultra clear products. We use a process that insures defect-free glass.

Our Top Choices


Our Top Choices


Water White
1 Sided Anti-Reflective


Water White
2 Sided Anti-Reflective


Water White 
Low Iron

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98% of visible light



98% of visible light



98% of visible light




98% of visible light



98% of visible light



98% of visible light

Treatment Options

Designed with You in Mind




We offer hydrophobic, anti-reflective glass coating to protect your surface from dust, liquid, and grease. With its high-quality finish, the coating can lower maintenance requirements and preserve the quality of your glass even under regular use. Cleaning the coating is simple, all you need to do is gently wipe the surface with fiber cloth. You can also apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt and dust.


Safety First

The tempering process strengthens glass four to five times the strength of regular glass. Tempering glass combines strength, security & safety. If broken the glass shatters into many small, dull pieces of glass rather than sharp and jagged, potentially harmful pieces of glass. Our tempering process meets or exceeds the safety codes of both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z97.1 as well as the Consumer Products Safety Commission (16 CFR 1201)


Populated Area

The laminating process strengthens the glass by using a PVB interlayer in between the two sheets of glass. This process makes for a single sheet of extremely durable, securitized and efficient piece of glass. In the rare event the glass breaks, the laminating effect will keep the glass from shattering, vis-à-vis a car windshield. The laminating process can be used as an alternative to tempering.


Outdoor Insulation

This is an insulated Glass Unit (IGU) for temperature buffering. Two sheets are put into a weatherized sealed unit with an air gap in between. It can also be filled with argon gas. This offers the best weather protection when there are extreme temperature differentials.

Seamed Edge

Covered & Framed

A seamed edge
is optimal for glass that will be framed, and the edges will be covered. The edges of the glass will be sanded down with a rough disc to create a soft edge. This glass is safe to handle but is not intended for decorative use.

Flat Polished

Soft Touch

A Flat Polish is a flat edge with a small 45 degree chamfer on the very top and bottom. A flat polished edge is used on glass tops that need to be soft to touch. The glass edging polishing machine creates a fine edge towards the edge and is safe for public use.



Designed with You in Mind


Port Windows

Port windows are a specialized and often overlooked part of digital projection in both old and new theaters. Reel-to-reel film projectors did not require advanced optical technology for the port window. With the introduction of digital projectors, that became a necessity. The leading studios and major chains throughout the world have chosen Opticlear as their standard. Optical Coatings has supplied over ¾ of the world's cinemas. Our pricing, availability, customization & service all contribute to a high rate of customer satisfaction.


Digital Equiptment

With the increase of data capturing devices relying on high definition optical solutions, one of the main components is the optically coated glass. OptiClear™ allows for the highest quality image retention without losing out on the quality of the required image.


Camera Optics

Water white clear glass (98% transmission) has a variety of other potential uses. One use for this clear glass is for displaying graphics and art on the glass. Water white clear glass can be used for the application of silk-screen images. The glass is so clear and anti-reflective that it is transparent to the image. From a short distance the graphics or art appears to float.


Art Display

Water white glass can be used in display cases and photo booths. Thicknesses are available in 3mm, 6mm and 10mm. Water White Glass under 3mm thick transmits 99% of visible light, while over 3mm thick transmits 98% of visible light. Sizes are available up to 6' X 8'. Use our contact form to request a quote. Please include size and thickness specifications.


View Enhancements

Whether overlooking the white water views of an oceanfront beach estate or seeing the sparkling city lights from a majestic penthouse; OptiClear™, the builders’ choice in glass will make a significant difference in the outcome of the desired effect. Your customers deserve the best.

Global Shipping

We custom pack each shipment and ship around the world.


Global Shipping

We custom pack each shipment and ship around the world.

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